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11 August 10

Outdoor Market Vendor Testimonial

The Market at The Piazza is a year round outdoor market that is hosted in Northern Liberties!  We feature unique and one of a kind vendors and below you will find a testimonial from one of our vendors on her experience at The Market at The Piazza.

Why did you choose to vend at the Piazza in the first place?

  • I choose to vend at the Piazza because the area represents my target market and I appreciate the way the Piazza caters to artists and small business.

What do we do that other outdoor markets don’t?

  • The Piazza differs from other markets in the fact that it caters to the community as a whole and treats their farmers and artists and businesses thoughtfully and ultimately brings an awareness for the importance of buying local and naturally.

What’s missing from our industry (outdoor markets and vending opportunities) as a whole?

  • Although it is wonderful when venues such as the Piazza give an outlet for small business’, farmers and artists a place to flourish and grow I feel that more public awareness and education is necessary in regard to how important it is to the local economy to utilize and support small business.

What could we do that would thrill you?

  • I would love to see weekly interviews or spotlights on different vendors.

What do you find yourself simply putting up with from other outdoor markets or vending opportunities?

  • A lot of the time vendors have to deal with too much competition or an over saturated  market, when the vendors are not recognized and it is more important to make a buck on selling a space than the quality over the quantity.

What would you do if you owned a business like ours?

     If I was running an outdoor market I would implement an application process (juried) to be sure that    sellers are professional and to eliminate over saturation. Possibly offer events for the community, giveaways etc.

This testimonial is from Ellen from Vervain Savon, one of the many fabulous vendors in our outdoor market.  You can find her and her products at

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