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11 August 10

Outdoor Market Vendor Testimonial

The Market at The Piazza is a year round outdoor market that is hosted in Northern Liberties!  We feature unique and one of a kind vendors and below you will find a testimonial from one of our vendors on her experience at The Market at The Piazza.

Why did you choose to vend at the Piazza in the first place?

  • I choose to vend at the Piazza because the area represents my target market and I appreciate the way the Piazza caters to artists and small business.

What do we do that other outdoor markets don’t?

  • The Piazza differs from other markets in the fact that it caters to the community as a whole and treats their farmers and artists and businesses thoughtfully and ultimately brings an awareness for the importance of buying local and naturally.

What’s missing from our industry (outdoor markets and vending opportunities) as a whole?

  • Although it is wonderful when venues such as the Piazza give an outlet for small business’, farmers and artists a place to flourish and grow I feel that more public awareness and education is necessary in regard to how important it is to the local economy to utilize and support small business.

What could we do that would thrill you?

  • I would love to see weekly interviews or spotlights on different vendors.

What do you find yourself simply putting up with from other outdoor markets or vending opportunities?

  • A lot of the time vendors have to deal with too much competition or an over saturated  market, when the vendors are not recognized and it is more important to make a buck on selling a space than the quality over the quantity.

What would you do if you owned a business like ours?

     If I was running an outdoor market I would implement an application process (juried) to be sure that    sellers are professional and to eliminate over saturation. Possibly offer events for the community, giveaways etc.

This testimonial is from Ellen from Vervain Savon, one of the many fabulous vendors in our outdoor market.  You can find her and her products at

4 August 10

Vendor Interviews at The Market at The Piazza

This past weekend was the 2nd Street Festival in Northern Liberties.  This was a great event and brought many visitors to the area.

During this time we had the opportunity to interview a few of the vendors that were participating in our outdoor market.  Please read on to discover more information about our unique vendors at The Market at The Piazza!

First up is Diva Chic, a regular tenant of The Market at The Piazza.  Diva Chic is owned by Joi and Theresa Farmer.  They sell a variety of jewelry and offer something for people all types of taste!  Diva Chic is an affordable mobile boutique that is bound to have something you love!

What is your favorite part of The Piazza?

The atmosphere definitely.  There are always events going on and it is a fun place to be.  We have a great social life here at The Piazza.

Why do you keep returning to The Market at The Piazza?

We have a successful business here.  We do very well in the Outdoor Market and it is very different from other markets in the area.  It is not like a flea market, you can find good, quality items at The Market at The Piazza.

Was The Piazza staff helpful?

We have been coming here all summer and they are always very helpful.

What do you think of the community?

We love the community.  It is very diverse and a place where you can see all walks of life.  It is a very artsy community where we fit.  We always are meeting different people in the Northern Liberties community.

Why should people come to The Piazza?

It is a family and pet friendly place that offers activities for all types of families. You can spend an entire day here at The Piazza and have many things to do. There is also a nice nightlife here.

Next we have Natalie Nowatkowski.  Natalie makes handmade jewelry out of dominoes!  Anything from earrings to necklaces and it is all hand painted and designed by Natalie!

What is your favorite part of The Piazza?

The Market at The Piazza is my favorite part.  I have yet to really experience anything else.

Why do you keep returning to The Market at The Piazza?

I do well here at The Piazza.  I get a great response from the customers that are shopping here.

Was the Piazza staff helpful?

This is not the first time I have been here and The Piazza staff has always been very accomodating.

Why should other people visit The Piazza?

There are a number of great restaurants here, some of them I have experienced first hand.  There are also a great number of eclectic vendors at The Market at The Piazza.

Talauren Isley-Byre is another vendor at The Market at The Piazza.  She sells handmade jewelry that she designs herself.

What is your favorite part of The Piazza?

Definitely the shops and the restaurants.  There are so many to choose from, it’s a great variety.

Why should people come to The Piazza?

The shops at The Piazza are not franchised.  You are able to find unique things to purchase that you cannot find anywhere else.  The Piazza is a very unique place.

Helena Divine and Maryann Seifreid are new to The Market at The Piazza.  They sell a variety of interesting items that you cannot find at any other market.  Helena sells handmade jewelry and Maryann sells steel hanging ornaments and handmade, organic soaps.

What is your favorite part of The Piazza?

Definitely the atmosphere, it is fun and free and very eclectic.

Was The Piazza staff helpful?

Yes, very helpful.  This is our first time here and we did not know what to expect when we arrived.  Everything ran smoothly and we were pleased with the organization.

Why should other people visit The Piazza?

You can’t beat the cost of renting a space in The Market at The Piazza, it is free until Labor Day!  There is also a wide varitey of vendors at the outdoor market and seems to be in a nice neighborhood.

What do you think about the Community?

We have never really experienced the community being new to The Market at The Piazza, but we are hoping to be able to get out and experience it first hand to see what its like.

Matthew Costello has been a regular at The Market at The Piazza for most of this summer.  Matt sells sunglasses for both men and women.

What is your favorite part of The Piazza?

Definitely the Jumbotron Television!  It is always on during the market so I have something to watch while I hang out.

Why do you keep coming back to The Market at The Piazza?

The people are friendly and I usually get a good response from the crowd of shoppers.

Was The Piazza staff helpful?

The staff is always helpful and understanding.

What do you think of the community?

It does have its rough spots but it is really turning around.  I would probably live here!

Why should other people come visit The Piazza?

There are lots of bars to visit and it is always a fun time at The Piazza.  There is lots of stuff to do here.

There you have it folks!  A first hand glance at The Piazza from the vendors’ points of view!  Definitely a cool place to visit and a great opportunity to find unique items that you can’t find anywhere else!  Come visit The Market at The Piazza this weekend or in the weeks to come and experience the excitement for yourself!

28 July 10

August 1st - 2nd Street Festival

Sunday August 1st, Northern Liberties will be hosting The 2nd Street Festival!  This festival will run from 12pm to 9pm and admission is FREE!  This Festival will take place between the 600 block and the 1100 block of 2nd street.

There will be three stages of live music and vendors of all kinds, a MOON BOUNCE and carnival games!  The restaurants will be having awesome specials!!! So stop by The Piazza to experience it all!

The Market at The Piazza will still go on that day and feature a number of talented artists and crafters.  Vending inside The Piazza is still free but we are also offering premium booth spaces on 2nd Street for a fee.  E-mail or call 215.467.4603 to get some more information on these premium spaces!

27 July 10

Featured Vendors for The Market at The Piazza on July 31 & August 1

Rainbow Alternative

Each Rainbow Alternative original design is hand-stenciled and spray painted by the 2 tiny hands of Philadelphia-based artist Nicole Krecicki. This means that NOTHING is mass-produced and each item is a little different in its own special way :)  The goal of Rainbow Alternative is to spread social change through wearable art- while providing a unique alternative to the “slap-a-rainbow-on-it” pride-wear we’re all used to (and completely over!) by now.


Facebook Search: Rainbow Alternative
E-mail Address:

Stewart Charley Ventures
Two recent college graduates who always had the idea for an
invention: a dip bowl with a special rim that would push salsa and
other messy dips back onto the chip when scooping.  They jokingly named
it ‘The Salsabol.’ After graduation, they kept kidding around that they should quit their jobs and follow their dream to make the Salsabol a reality. At about the same time, the boys realized that if they actually put their minds to it, they could stop dreaming and make it happen. Late last year they decided to make the leap of faith to create their own business and bring the Salsabol to life.  Nine months later they have a factory, a warehouse and a tiny office that doubles as a dining room…and our Salsabols!

Phone Number: 919-725-7226

E-mail Address:

Glamour Goddess

“Bringing affordable glamour to the Goddess in you”.  She just started her business venture this year and it has been amazing.  Glamour Goddess believes what sets her apart is definitely her flamboyant selection and style.  The fact that none of her pieces are over $30 is an added bonus.  Glamour Goddess is fashion jewelry for the woman with a modest budget :).

E-mail address:

Lynn designs & makes handbags, jewelry & clothing.  She is self taught and her business started about 7yrs ago.  It started out as a craft then she had friends & family asking to make things for them and it progressed from there.
E-mail address: 


Fight or Flight Jewelry
Fight or Flight Jewelry is handmade from the Philadelphia area by
Laura Kaplowitz. The current series is “Women and Time”. It’s made from brass with hand painted designs, containing found objects like
cameos, watch parts, opals, antique keys and recycled rosaries.
“Women and Time” is a story of time passing, having as much fun as you can, and being passionate about your life. Each piece is different so find your own story to tell!


Located in Philadelphia, PILLOW is a small and niche-based home accessory business specializing in creating contemporary throw pillows that infuse comfort, style and inspiration into your space.

We personally create a collection of pillows that range from excitingly bold, exotic, modern prints to delicately warm styles that speak to and inspire our passion for one of the subtle, yet essential, elements of home décor – pillows! While pillows are our core product, we are also tossing you stylish home and jewelry accessories that will inspire your personal style.

E-mail Address:

Appearing at The Market at The Piazza on July 24th.

Blacktiques Posters

BlackTiques ® is a Registered Trademark of Vernon Franks.

The Trademark was officially registered in December 2009.  In February 2010, Vernon Franks registered with the City of Philadelphia and the State of Pennsylvania as a Sole Proprietor.  BlackTiques ® Posters are original copies of rare/authentic Memorabilia from the Philadelphia area. The current offering includes Philly nite life in the 1950’s, a Jazz themed poster (11x17) and (14x24), the original Pearl Theatre, ca.1960 movie poster (11x17), and other authentic Posters. BlackTiques ® Posters never go out of style.

Phone Number: (215) 240-0150

E-mail Address:

The One Eyed Turtle

Several years ago Maria discovered the joy of promoting fair trade and the satisfaction of supporting diverse groups of artisans from remote and sometimes forgotten parts of the world. Now her passion is to share that joy. Please join her because once you shop fair trade, you will never cease to enjoy all the products today and the days to come.


The artisans are delighted to have employment and in most of the photos that you see on her web site they are smiling, thrilled to share their accomplishments and good workmanship.  

Maria has many products that she calls Fair-Eco which are made of recycled materials and also from natural, sustainable trees and plants.

E-mail Address:

Abdelkader Ben Salem

Sabra Organic was recently founded in 2010.  It delivers to customers with organic high quality Mediteranean origin, both South and East- Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  It is produced in Tunisia located in the South of Mediteranean.  Abdel will soon be adding Hummus to his product potfollio.  This Hummus is coming from the East of the Mediteranean, also high quality food. His Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Certified Organic by USDA and ECOCERT (Europe).

Phone Number: 267-240-0184.

E-mail Address:

Breathe Cubed


Dan is an intuitive Certified Massage Therapist (CMT) offering services to individuals in the environment of their choice–in a relaxing massage studio in University City, Philadelphia, or in the comfort of your own home. He is available for chair massage at workplace retreats or special events as well. Dan is also a Licensed Nail Technician (LNT) who enjoys using organic products.

Working with a focus on the personal energy and individualized needs of each client, he incorporates techniques from many bodywork traditions:

Swedish, Shiatsu, Polarity, Myofacial/DeepTissue, Reiki Mastership, Thai, Maternity, Chair, Reflexology/VitaFlex, Shirodhara, Raindrop Therapy, and Aromatherapy (utilizing therapeutic essential oils)

Phone Number: 215-901-0899
E-mail Address:

 Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry by Divine Islam

Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry was established in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1989 by Dr. Traci Lynn, President and Founder. Dr. Lynn was featured in Essence Magazine for innovative business success, and as a young entrepreneur appeared on the ABC television show “Good Morning America” for her success in owning a top-grossing business. For 20 years, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry has sold its high quality

Phone Number: 267-975-4448

E-mail Address:

Rack and Roll Clothing Co.

Rack and Roll is a Mobile Boutique…which means we bring the shopping to YOU!  And, you can shop for FREE!!  Book a shopping party at your house, office, gym or even your favorite bar.  We will Rack up some fun, funky and affordable clothes and Roll them to the destination of your choice.  As the hostess, you bring the shoppers and earn a free shopping spree!!  We carry limited edition clothing from a variety of west coast lines.  Check out for more pictures or see for yourself most weekends at the Piazza!! Plus…mention the Piazza’s website and you get a 10% discount on all Rack and Roll items at the Piazza!!

Phone Number: 215-431-7564
E-mail Address:

HONNIE T SAUCE (aka H.T Sauce)
Launched March 2010, Honnie T provides finishing sauces for a variety of applications.
Phone Number:  267.241.2080
E-mail Address:


26 July 10

Exciting upcoming events at The Piazza!

There are some big events coming to Northern Liberties and the Piazza in the next few weeks!


Vendor Spaces are still FREE through Labor Day.

Sign up by emailing: with your selected dates:


  • July 24 - 12PM - 7PM
  • July 15 - 12PM - 7PM
  • July 31 - 12PM - 7PM
  • August 1 - 12PM - 7PM or 9PM if you rent a premium space
  • August 7 - 10AM - 4PM or 8PM if you rent a premium space
  • August 8 - 12PM - 7PM
  • August 14 - 12PM - 7PM
  • August 15 - 12PM - 7PM
  • August 21 - 12PM - 7PM
  • August 22 - 12PM - 7PM
  • August 28 - 12PM - 7PM
  • August 29 - 12PM - 7PM
  • September 4 - 12PM - 7PM
  • September 5 - 12PM - 7PM

Tables are not provided but are available to rent for $10/day.

We also have Friday Night Vending from 5PM to 10PM for $10/table!

To register to vend send an email to:


Upcoming Events - Special Vending

Sunday, August 1 - 2nd Street/POPPED Music Festival:

Market at the Piazza VENDOR SPECIAL:

  • PREMIUM VENDOR BOOTHS on 2nd Street in front of the Piazza
  • $100 for 10’ x 10’ - table included!
  • Vending from 12PM to 9PM!
  • Email: - Call: 215-467-4603


The POPPED! Music Festival is on this summer! We have a fantastic new home as part of the 2nd Street Festival in the burgeoning Northern Liberties neighborhood. POPPED! will take place outdoors Sunday, August 1st from 12-9pm on the main drag of 2nd Street in Northern Liberties. The festival will be free to attend and will feature live music, over 60 local vendors, food and beer, 3 stages, and children’s activities.


Support for the festival provided by Northern Liberties Neighbors Association and the Northern Liberties Business Owners Association


Official Site:

Saturday, August 7 - Radio 104.5 Block Party featuring Need to Breathe and OK Go!
Market at the Piazza VENDOR SPECIAL:

  • Market at the Piazza - SPECIAL OFFER
  • FREE Vendor Booths from 10AM - 4PM (equipment available to rent)
  • EXTENDED VENDING during the concert to 8PM - $50/additional booth fee
  • Email: - Call: 215-467-4603

22 July 10

More Featured Vendors!

Effigy Skateboards
(Dave Rankin Owner, Artist)

Effigy specializes in making the best art-decks in the industry. They are artist owned and operated.Effigy is based in West Chester, PA.  Artist David Rankin graduated in 1994 from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. He dreamed of owning his own skate company since his youth, being highly influenced by the art being produced for decks in the 80’s. A few years ago he set to work on Effigy and when ready introduced his idea to a cousin and his friend, who in turn began an partnership to bring Effigy to life. On January 1st of 2010 Effigy marked its first day alive, and like some primordial beast it gets stronger every day. They are now in several shops in the Philadelphia area and New Jersey with no plans on stopping.  All art for Effigy is done by Dave. For sale at his booth are Effigy’s pro-level production skatedecks, shirts, prints and original encaustic and oil paintings. Help us grow and show your support!
Phone Number: 610-308-3425 

E-mail Address:

Sultry Affair Jewelry

Sultry Affair Jewelry believes that jewelry is like a love affair. We see it, we want it, it is almost forbidden. It is also our personal addiction and desire. It makes us feel invincible when we wear the right piece because it accentuates our present, not to mention it will always draw attention. We can never get enough of it.
E-mail Address:


Appearing at The Market at The Piazza on July 25th and 25th.

President Dan Hershberg quit his job at ESPN two years ago to start the apparel company PhillyPhaithful. Tired of years of throwing away his money on cheap tees, Dan set out to create a line of shirts that felt great, looked great and appealed to the dyed-in-the-wool Philadelphia sports fan. Printing clever, whimsical and original designs on high-quality American Apparel blended cotton shirts, PhillyPhaithful appeals to those who live and breathe sports. If you find yourself wondering what Chase Utley does in his down time or erected a shrine to him in your home, we’re probably the guys for you.
Phone Number: Toll Free 1-888-4PHAITH
E-mail Address:

Philly Phaithful is an anchor vendor of The Market at The Piazza and is there every weekend.

J and J Family Printing

J and J Family Printing is run by Jeff Roberts and The artist Jerry Thompson. They started this company looking do to simple shirt designs for local bands. When looking for Printing equipment they came across a women that was selling half of her business, When meeting her she introduced them to this new process “sublimation Printing”. Basically what that is is a better way to print on shirts that last longer and doesn’t peel, crack or even fade the way screen printing does. After doing some research they discovered they could also print on things like mugs and plaques and a number of things that would be great for the home or a gift for that special someone.

Phone Number: 484-844-2209
E-mail Address: 

Started in 2009 by globetrotting sisters Heather and Katie O’Neill, Mushmina is an accessories line that features beautiful fabric handbags, funky leather and rafia belts, Damascus bangles, and hand-embroidered t-shirts . Mushmina’s mission is to create beautiful, inspired products that have cultural integrity and soul. Through the sale of their fair trade products, they create employment opportunities for women and men in developing countries. They see their creative process as a global exchange of ideas and an opportunity to develop new relationships across cultures.
Phone Number: 732-616-9267
E-mail Address:

Cats Eye Gems 

Melanie was born in England, but has lived in Bucks County, PA for more than 20 years.  A skilled metal smith…she works with Fine and Sterling silver, as well as pure copper.  Her designs are full of color and strength…unique in every way and true Wearable Art.  Each piece is made with care and precision.  Everything is hand forged and hand crafted.

Phone Number: (215) 638-2383

E-mail Address:


Drew Silverman

Drew writes personal feature stories that make unbelievable gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, retirements, graduations, etc. The stories resemble the front page of a newspaper, with a large headline and beautiful color photos of the subject. The stories feature quotes and anecdotes obtained through interviews with the subject’s friends and family. The stories come framed with sizes starting at 11x17. It’s a one-of-a-kind gift that has received nothing but amazing feedback so far. It truly is the gift for the person who seemingly has everything.
Phone Number: (215) 779-6097
E-mail Address:

Posted: 11:02 AM

Featured Vendors for this weekend at The Market at The Piazza

Daniel Duffy is a local artist who’s artwork has been approved by
Major League Baseball, and is currently being sold at the Baseball
Hall of Fame. The work is painstakingly hand written by a patient
hand. The Phillies posters are made from every game of the two
Phillies championships, and the Kalas is made from his best calls and
his Hall of Fame speech. It’s the perfect “unique” gift for any sports
fan! Check out Dan’s work at or for a better deal
come meet him at the Market at the Piazza.

E-mail Address:

Appearing at The Market at The Piazza every Sunday.

Bella’s Bitty Bites
Lauren Gehling is the owner and creator of Bella’s Bitty Bites.  Her idea for the company came to fruition after talking to a friend.  This friend told Lauren that her veterinarian told her to stop feeding her dog a certain type of treat.  It was pretty much a dog’s version of fast food.  When Lauren realized she was feeding Bella, her little puppy, the same treats, she immediately threw them away.  It was at that point that Lauren decided to start making a healthy, delicious doggie treat.  Her dog’s health is important, and she wanted to give her only the best.  Lauren did a lot of research and spoke to her vet about the best ingredients for dogs.  After many hours of baking and testing these goodies, She finally came up with the perfect creation.  The ingredients are all natural.  The treats are tasty.   And most importantly, they received Bella’s approval!  Please visit for more information.
Phone Number 856-906-9933
E-mail Address

Bella’s Bitty Bites
A healthy treat your dog loves to eat.

Appearing at The Market at The Piazza on Sunday July 25th.

BreakawayINK Apparel

It all began in 2002 when Kyle bought a tee shirt (the seed) at an urban clothing store in Philadelphia. This particularly inspiring shirt was the color of chocolate with a tan graphic. There was nothing on the back of the shirt, but the front contained a simple, yet powerful design. It displayed an American flag with the word “MINE” beneath it. So, within a few days, Kyle was on a LONG car ride to Toronto, Canada for three-day music festival. This car ride happened to be the first time he donned this idea-sparking tee shirt. After a few hours of peering out the van’s windows, Kyle looked down and began to analyze the design, material, and the ink. He realized that a tee shirt would be an amazing canvas to print my thoughts on.  The seed was planted. He continued to water this figurative seed with ideas while in Canada and also on the ride back to his college campus in West Chester, Pennsylvania. With a little bit of sunlight, the seed sprouted into a tree of 400 tee shirts just in time for Homecoming Weekend at West Chester University. Every tee shirt, even the one right off his back, was sold within two days. From there, I couldn’t stop. I began to create, design, and market a brand image: BreakawayINK.

E-mail address:


Joi Farmer and Theresa Farmer


Their motto is to - Accentuate your inner Diva! That is exactly what they do. Diva Chic Jewelry provides affordable fashion jewelry and accessories… you know the FUN STUFF! If you need a fabulous necklace to match that new dress, a funky cuff, chunky cocktail ring, or a fancy pair of’ve come to the right spot. Now that is not to say that they don’t take their line of jewelry and accessories seriously because they definately do. They also have higher end pieces that are hand made, imported, and made with natural stones. Check out their website or their booth and you will quickly be convinced. Diva Chic Jewelry is an independent jewelry and accessory company owned by Joi and Theresa Farmer (mother and daughter). They started this company in 2006, when they had just a small boutique located in the Germantown section of Philadelphia. Since then they have expanded the business by selling their merchandise online at . The merchandise that they sell is all hand selected by Joi and Theresa. They deal with a variety of vendors from around the world to provide their customers with the most unique and stylish accessories at great prices. Joi and Theresa receive new inventory weekly and their website is constantly updated. Diva Chic Jewelry can also be found every weekend at the Piazza’s Marketplace.

Phone Number - 267-265-8708

Email -

16 July 10


Get excited! Dodgeball is coming to the Piazza!  Every Monday and Wednesday night we will be hosting a Dodgeball tournament right here at The Piazza!  We figured that elementary recess is something that we all miss, so why not bring it back?

This league is for adults only! No children allowed.  The season is starting in the beginning of August and will be conducted in a round robin style tournament!  So get your friends together and get them pumped about dodgeball!

More information on how to sign up will be released soon but in the mean time, gather your friends, come up with a cool team name and create one of a kind team t-shirts!

This is gonna be an awesome event at The Piazza, don’t miss out!  Stay tuned for more details on DODGEBALL AT THE PIAZZA!

14 July 10

What’s New for The Market at The Piazza?


To give thanks to all of the great vendors that showed up for our Grand Opening this past weekend, we have decided to make vending FREE until Labor Day.  More information can be found on our website: and you can find an application to join our market on this page as well.

So tell all your friends or join our market yourself! We offer vending for all handmade arts and crafts, jewelry, handbags, any organic items, designer clothing, antiques & collectibles, fine art and much, much more!

Please call 215.467.4603 or e-mail if you have any questions! We look forward to seeing you at our market!

7 July 10

Grand Opening!!

The GRAND OPENING this weekend is going to be HUGE!! Drop whatever plans that you may have and come visit The Piazza!

Visit to read our post by Julie! She is a blogger from Philadelphia and is totally excited about visiting The Piazza this weekend!! Join her in her travels to Northern Liberties and visit our unique vendors at The Market at The Piazza this weekend!!

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